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How to help use troubleshoot with Tracert
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How to Run a Traceroute on Mac OS

You need to open up Terminal, located under Applications > Utilities > Terminal and type:

traceroute and press Enter.

Replace with the domain you are having trouble with

Alternatively, go to the Applications folder > Utilities > Network Utility > Traceroute and specify your domain or IP address.

Copy the results and paste into an email and send to [email protected]

How to Run a Traceroute on a Windows 10 Computer

To run a traceroute on a Windows 10 computer, open the Windows search box and type CMD into the search bar. Then open the Command Prompt app and type in tracert followed by a space and then the destination URL or IP address. Finally, hit Enter.

  1. Open the Windows search box. You can do this by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen.
  2. Then type CMD in the search bar and click Open. How to Run a Traceroute on a Windows 10 Computer
  3. Next, type tracert followed by a space and then an IP address or URL you are having trouble with. If you just want to test your internet connection, it is a good idea to run a traceroute to (Google’s DNS server). You can also run a traceroute to the URL of any website or IP address. Just make sure you leave a space after tracert and before the URL or IP address. For example, to run a traceroute to, you would type tracert into the Command Prompt app.
  4. Finally, press Enter on your keyboard and wait for the traceroute to finish. You will see the words Trace complete when the process is finished. You can also stop a traceroute at any time by pressing the Control + C keys on your keyboard at the same time.
How to Run a Traceroute on a Windows 10 Computer

To copy the traceroute results, left-click and drag your mouse to select the traceroute results. Then press Enter on your keyboard. Next, open an email and send to [email protected]

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