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How do I change my password?
Last Updated a year ago

You can change your password in your account Profile at any time.

Here are some good password guidelines:

  • Use at least eight characters (the more the better), but no more than 15 characters.
  • Use a random mixture of characters, upper and lower case, numbers, punctuation, spaces and symbols.
  • Don't use a word found in a dictionary, English or foreign.

Note: If you forget your password, you may be able to reset it. Learn how get a password reminder.

Step 1: Click the Profile tab

After you log in, choose the Profile tab from My Start Page.


Step 2: Click Change Password

In the Profile sub-menu, click the Change Password link to go to the Change Password page.


Step 3: Enter new password

First type your old password in the Old Password field (1). Type your new password in the Password field (2) and in the Password Again field (3). Make sure to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters and cannot be longer than 15.

Click the Submit button (4) to save your changes.


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