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What are "alumni"
Last Updated 2 years ago

Instructors can mark students who have completed the course as alumni. Alumni have access to all course content with the exception of tests and surveys. They can particpate in activities to help new students master the content of the course, such as contributing to the forums. Select students from the Enrolled list, then use Mark Alumni to add the students to the Alumni list. Re-enrolling or removing alumni can be done from the Alumni tab.

Step 1: Go to Enrollment


From the Manage section, click Enrollment.

Step 2: Select students


Select the checkboxes next to the students you want to make alumni (1), and click the Mark Alumni button (2).

Step 3: Approve as alumni


Click the Yes button to approve the status change. Click No to return to the Enrollment screen.

Step 4: Review alumni


Review the list of alumni. You can enroll alumni into the course or remove them from the course from the Alumni section.

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