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How do I add a document to File Storage?
Last Updated 2022 years ago

Instructors and assistants with the correct permissions can upload documents to File Storage for easy download. Please note that not all people can open Microsoft's .docx filetype, so it's best to add .doc files. This article shows how to save documents in .doc format.

Step 1: Click New File

From the File Storage page, click New File to open the uploader tool. This will place the file in the default folder. You can create additional folders, if you choose.


Step 2: Browse to the file

Click the Browse button (1) to open the File Upload dialog box. Navigate through your your computer to locate the file you want to upload, Select the file (2), and click Open (3) to close the File Upload dialog box.


Step 3: Upload the file

The name of the selected file will appear in the New File box (1). Optionally add a description (2) and click the Upload button (3) to finish transferring the file from your computer to File Storage.


Step 4: View file

The name of the file and the description will appear in the Workspace. Learners can download from this section, and administrators can delete and move files. You can also click the Comments link to leave comments about the file.


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