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How do I create a poll?
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How do I create a poll?

The polling feature lets you poll your participants at any time using a multiple choice poll. You can use polling to obtain quick responses to written questions. Polling is useful for breaking up a session and engaging participants.

Step 1: Go to Manage and click Add Poll

From the Manage area, go to the Polls area and click Add Poll.

Step 2: Add a question and options

On the Add Poll page, enter a Question (1) and up to seven choices (2). Users can select only one option, and at least two are required. Click Save (3) to store your changes.

Step 3: Edit an existing poll

You can edit any existing poll from the main Polls page. Click the radio button (1) next to the poll you want to edit, and then click the Edit (2) button to go to the edit page.

Step 4: Add poll to a page

Look up the poll id from the polls page which you can get to from the Manage page.

Add the poll to a page by adding the following code: [poll|15][/poll]

Change the number 15 in this example to the poll id you wish to show on the page

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