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I'm not receiving e-mails from the system
Last Updated 3 years ago

If you requested a password reset or a new account has been set up for you yet you never got an email notification, there are a few possibilities why the email hasn't arrived.

  • Perhaps the email is still in transit.
    Depending on internet traffic and how busy your ISP is, it can take a couple hours for emails to arrive. This is more likely to happen around holidays and peak sending times.
  • The email is getting trapped by an over-aggressive spam filter.
    It is likely that a spam-filter or junk-filter is preventing the messages from appearing in your Inbox. Several major email providers (such as Hotmail, MSN, and especially AOL) have built-in spam-blocking features that will intercept - and in many cases, actually delete - automated messages from the system. Check your junk or spam folder to see if the email landed there. You can try changing your email address, if you have another.
  • A corporate firewall is stopping the email from getting through.
    If you're signing up with a corporate email account, there could be an aggressive anti-spam firewall that's blocking the email. Ask your IT department if emails from, and addresses are triggering any spam filters.
  • Maybe you typed the wrong email address when you signed up?
    Yep, we've done that, too.
If you continue to have problems, please feel free to contact our support department by email and we'll help you out.

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