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How can I see form submissions?
Posted by Monique C, Last modified by on 01 August 2012 02:39 PM
All submissions from webforms are stored on the website, where they're viewable on screen or downloadable as an Excel-compatible file (CSV) to people with the correct administrative permissions.

View All Responses

After logging in, go to the form whose submissions you want to see, and click the Results tab.

Browse Individual Responses

The Results page displays all the submissions for a form, including the date and time submitted, the user name (if applicable) and that person's IP address. This page also allows you to view, edit or delete individual user's submissions.

View Submission Trends

Click the Analysis button to see trends for each question. This page provides the summary of your survey or form results and displays information such as the number of respondents that answered each question and average submission length.

View Detailed Submissions

Click the Table button to see details of all submissions on one large page. Scroll down or to the right to see all the responses to each question.

Download Responses

You can download the responses you've collected at any time (even while you are still receiving responses) by clicking the Download button (1). This allows you to download a report in delimited text or Microsoft Excel format (2) for importing into other systems or viewing in a spreadsheet. You can use the filters to limit the information contained in your report (3). Click the Download button (4) to save the file to your computer.

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