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How do I cross-reference pages on my site?
Posted by Monique C, Last modified by on 17 January 2011 10:39 AM

To cross-reference, or link to, another page on your website:

Locate or create the page you want to cross-reference and make a note of the web address of that page.

On the page where you want to create the link, highlight the text you want linked to the other page.

Click Insert/Edit Link.

In the Link URL field, enter the name of the page you want to cross-reference.

Click the Insert button to close the Insert/Edit Link window.

Click Save to finish.


When linking to another page already on your site, all you need is the part after the domain name. So, the about us page might be:
When you link to that page, all you need to add is “about-us”.
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