Apply the Course Set-Up Worksheet
Posted by Peter M on 22 September 2017 04:24 PM

The first step you take is to apply everything in the Course Set-Up Worksheet. This will vary depending on the course.

General Settings

The general settings area contains information you'll need to set up the course. The sections include:

  • Course title - Read How do I change the title of a course?
  • Instructors - Read How do I change the instructor of a course? (Talance super administrators only)
  • Assistants - Read How do I make someone an Assistant?
  • Course description - Read How do I add a course description?
  • Course icon - Read How do I add a course icon image to a course?
  • Scheduling when the course opens and closes - Read How do I make a course available or unavailable?
  • Registration - Read How do I enroll someone in a course?
  • Course tools and side menu tools - Read How do I configure Course Tools?

Forums Section

It also has information you’ll use to create forums, including the name, the description and whether or not to allow editing and for how long. There is another column for path. You can add the URL for each forum as you create them so you can add it to the HTML markup for the page in the next step.

Read How do I create new forums?

Tests Section

The section for tests has all the confugration settings you'll use when creating a test or survey from the Tests and Surveys tool.

There is a sheet called Test Templates that has the default settings for each different kind of test.

Read How do I create a test?

Hand-In Assignments

The Hand-In Assignments section has information on each Assignment. It includes the title, the due date, and whether or not to accept late submissions.


How do I add an Assignment?

How do I change the due date for Assignments?

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