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How can I attach a file to a page?
Posted by Talance, Last modified by on 10 December 2010 12:27 PM
You can attach files (such as a Word file or a PDF), files or images to pages in two ways while you're editing a page.

Option 1: click File Attachments

Click the File Attachments link toward the bottom of the page to attach a file (in Drupal 5, click the link that says, "Insert Image Or Link"). Click Browse to locate the file on your computer, select the file, and then click Attach to attach the file. Click Submit to save your changes.

Option 2: link from the page Body

Within the body area, select the text or image you want to hyperlink to the document (1). Click the Insert/Edit Link button (2) to open the Insert/Edit Link window. Choose an existing file from the File Browser, or choose Upload to add a new one.

Click the Browse button

Click the Browse button to open the File Browser. The File Browser is where all the files and documents for your website are stored.

Choose or upload a file

If you have already uploaded the file you want to link to, choose the file from the list (1). You can click Upload (2) to browse to the new file on your computer and transfer it to the File Browser. You'll see file you chose selected at the bottom of the window.

Insert file into page

Click the Insert File button to transfer the document from the File Browser to the Insert/Edit Link window. Note, in some versions, the button says Send to Tiny MCE. Click Submit to save your changes.

More help

This video (8 min.) shows the steps involved in attaching files to a page:

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