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How to use Review My eLearning to test courses
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Reviewing and testing a new elearning module is a crucial step before launch. Reviews at this point are for checking what you’ve already built, so choose your reviewers carefully. Usually, these key individuals:

  • The subject matter expert(SME) to make sure the content is accurate
  • A proofreader to find typos, misspellings, and other irregularities
  • Thefunctionality expert to patiently check all the interactions and navigation options

Other reviewers you may want to include might be the project manager, those funding the project, and anyone else who could prove beneficial in catching problems earlier rather than after the project is finished.

Review My eLearning is a tool used for sharing elearning modules with groups, gathering comments, and organizing review cycles. Comments are passed to the instructional designer to implement changes.

Step 1: Check for Your Private Link


You will be sent an invitiation via email and/or web link to view the module. Click this link to creae a free account to view the module. If you already have an account, simply log in to see the module. You will receive a unique link for each module.

Add to your contacts to prevent emails from getting caught in spam filters.

Step 2: Review the Course


When you have logged in, click Review to see the module you have been invited to review. If you have been invited to see more than one module, they will all appear on this page.

Step 3: Begin Your Review


Click Begin My Review.

Step 4: Review Each Slide


In the review window, you will see a split screen: the module on one side (1) and the comment area (2) on the other. You can choose to see the two parts side by side or with the course on top and the comments below. Depending on how the review has been set up, you may see all comments from all reviewers.

Click the Prev and Next buttons (3) to go through each screen and leave your comments.

Step 5: Leave Specific Comments


Leave specific comments in the text box so the instructional designer understands what changes to make. List any steps necessary to reproduce any errors, such as clicking a specific button or answering a certain number of questions incorrectly.

Use the checkboxes to classify your comments as issues with:

  • General - doesn't fit a specific category
  • Audio - missing or incorrect audio
  • Text - problems with captions or on-screen text
  • Graphics - images
  • Content - changes to source content or something else not on screen
  • Functionality - issues with behavior of screen

Click Save to store your changes.

Step 6: Exit


When you have completed your review, click the orange Exit button. You can choose "Finish Later" if you want to store your changes and come back at a later time, or "Mark Complete" to signal the Talance team you have finished your review.

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