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Tips for editing content
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Tips for editing content
Posted by Monique C, Last modified by Monique C on 29 January 2016 01:57 PM
Here are some useful tips for using the content editor:

  • The best way to create a piece of content is to type directly into the content editor if you can. The second best way is to copy and paste from a Simple Text Editor like Notepad or TextEdit. Once the plain text is in the content editor, use our editing tools to format your styles and links and such.
  • If you copy-paste from Microsoft Word, we recommend using the Paste from Word function, which will strip out most of the formatting so you can use the text editor with better success.
  • When copying content from other websites, email programs, and places that are not a word processor, use the "paste as plain text" option in the content editor toolbar for the greatest success. Again we'll strip out a lot of the formatting so you can use the editor with much success.
  • First, type all your content into your website. THEN go back and edit the formatting and styles later. When you edit your formatting and styles, the editor starts inserting lots of HTML code behind the scenes. If you keep making tons of edits as you work, code will start overlapping and conflicting. So content first. Play with formatting later.
  • Make sure when highlighting text before choosing a style, don't grab any extra spaces or lines as that can cause overlapping of styles.
  • If you copied over your content from MS Word the *ONLY* way to fix this is to start a new page and add clean content. It creates so much junk code that the formatting remover tool can't even clean it up.
  • Change Word's default Paste settings. This will let you paste only as text, rather than with all the formatting. This article shows how:

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