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How do I add terms to the Glossary?
Last Updated 2 years ago

The Glossary tool allows instructors and those with glossary privileges to easily add a set of terms and definitions to your course. Learners can access the glossary by clicking a tab at the top of the screen, an icon on the homepage, a Glossary entries section on the sidebar or within the course text, depending on how it is configured.

Step 1: Click Add Glossary Term

Logged in as an instructor or administrator with glossary privileges, go to the Manage tab and go to the Glossary section, and click Add Glossary Term.

Step 2: Add a Term and Definition

From the Add Glossary Term page, enter a Term (1) and a Definition (2) in the fields provided. Click Save (3) when you are done. The learning management system adds the item to your glossary, and you can keep adding more terms and definitions in the same way. As you add terms, the system alphabetizes them automatically.

Step 3: Editing or Deleting Glossary Terms

To edit or delete existing glossary terms, click the Glossary link from the Manage page to see all terms. Select the term you want to change using the radio button next to it, and then use the buttons at the bottom of the Glossary page to edit or delete it.

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